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  • Latest News & Product Updates

Are You a Professional Still Using Regular Batteries Designed For Household Devices?

The Duracell company is proud to offer you its new brand - PROCELL - specifically designed to power professional devices and tools.

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New From ETA - E NUX Suite Cabinet System

The New Shell For Automation! - Discover The Features, Benefits & Functionality Of These Brand New Cabinets.

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Switched On Podcast Episode 6 | Listen Now!

In episode 6 of our Switched On podcast, we learn how important solar power generation is going to be in Ireland and much more....

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How Does A Photoelectric Sensor Work?

Have you ever wondered how Telemecanique Photoelectric Sensors work? ? 

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Switched On Podcast Episode 5 | Listen Now!

In episode 5 of our Switched On podcast we talk about everything, from technical advancements in the electrical industry to learning how to create a global business!

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Switched On Podcast Episode 4 | Listen Now!

In this episode of the Switched On podcast is a brief masterclass in electrical sales from a man who has done it all and everywhere!

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Switched On Podcast Episode 3 | Listen Now!

Niall Curran, GM of Wesco, joins the 3rd episode of our Switched On podcast to reveal his thoughts about the impact of COVID, how the company got to where it is today and about his own journey from a...

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Switched On Podcast Episode 2 | Listen Now!

In our second episode of the Switched On podcast the Managing Director of Davenham Switchgear, John Corcoran, shares many lessons learned the hard way. This single interview is a frank, brutal and...

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Switched On Podcast Episode 1 | Listen Now!

In another first for the electrical industry in Ireland, Demesne are excited to bring you the first episode of our new Switched On podcast. In the first episode we discover how Paul Fitzsimons went...

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Are Wireless Limit Switches Reliable?

Can They Maintain Reliability While Eliminating The Cables?

The Limit Switch installation process is an extremely familiar tradition among most automation professionals.  Then came the advent of...

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Procell - Do I Have the Correct Battery For My Device?

As the new Procell master distributor in Ireland for their market leading range of batteries, we think it is crucial to understand how the device power requirements are changing with this evolving...

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Internal Sales / Technical Support Cork

We a currently recruiting for a new role for our Sales Office in Cork. Learn more here...

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