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All over the world, Klauke is renowned for its high-quality electrical connection technology and tools for crimping, cutting and punching.
Cable cutting and crimping tools manufactured by Klauke are renowned for high-quality, electrical connection tools for cable crimping, cutting and punching – special cable tooling solutions for applications in a range of different sectors.


Klauke tools are used by electrical contractors, cable jointers and linemen for underground cable and overhead conductor crimping and cutting on power, transmission and distribution networks including LV MV & HV systems, 11kV-33kV up to 132kV.
Battery operated cable crimping tools are made from the highest quality materials, rust proof and surface finished with a reputation for providing a long service live, consistently delivering safe electrical cable crimping connections for low and high voltage applications, 6-400sqmm.
Should you require technical support, product information or a demonstration of a specific Cable Crimping or Cutting Tool manufactured by Klauke please do not hesitate to contact us.




EK WF 120 ML – During crimping, high quality results are the be-all and end-all.

We offer optimum solutions across the whole range of cables, combined with excellent ergonomics and simplified work sequences.


The newly developed battery powered hydraulic crimping tool EK WF 120 ML, will simplify your work and simultaneously
ensure optimum crimping quality. Using a square-cam mechanism, the EK WF 120 ML crimps both DIN-compliant wire
ferrules as well as insulated wire ferrules, twin wire ferrules and insulated wire ferrules for short-circuit protected lines.
Here, the use of interchangeable crimping dies is completely unnecessary because the square mechanism adjusts flexibly
to the respective cable end sleeve shape.


Precision-fit crimping using comb-shaped molds ensures optimized distribution of forces and embeds the conductor in
a corrugated shape. The result is that you get perfect working results over the entire range of wire ferrules shapes.
All cross-sections from 6 to 120 mm² can be crimped using the EK WF 120 ML.

Up to a wire ferrule length of 32 mm, only one crimping action is necessary, which means that you can crimp most
wire ferrules in the cross-section range in just a single step.








Klauke have developed an optimum solution for overcoming the challenge of crimping the
entire range of cables encountered in control cabinet construction and mechanical engineering,
while ensuring the same uniform quality based on our new square crimping process.

At the same time, this innovation is a key simplification, because it results in just one system and one geometry..


Control cabinet construction normally involves the use of different cables, terminals and cable end sleeves.
The three tools EK WF 120 ML, EK 30 ID ML and EK 50 ML from Klauke provide cablers/wirers with access to
a package of solutions for the entire application range of cable types and cross-sections.

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