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  • Latest News & Product Updates

Boost my light: IO-Link for stack lights CT5 and PC7

Auer Signal's flagship stack lights CT5 and PC7 are now available for IO-Link control.

The newPC7MC5IOandPC7BLVIObase modules as well asCT5MC5IOandCT5KR1IOenable the implementation of our PC7...

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Conta-SuperVision: Real-Time Process Control & Monitoring

We are happy to introduce CONTA-SUPERVISION. This is the latest addition to the GSM-PRO2 product portfolio. Using the CONTA-SUPERVISION IoT Portal, you can remotely manage multiple GSM-PRO2 I/O...

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Industrial Plugs & Sockets by PC Electric

PCEis a world leader in the development and production of industrial plugs and sockets with an export share of over 80%. Learn more about the vast product range available from Demesne Electrical.

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Revolutionizing Power Supply: How PULS Leads with Innovation and Quality in DIN Rail Technology

PULSis the technology and market leader for high-performance DIN rail power supplies and supplementary units. The company’s wide product portfolio is available off-the-shelf.

The efficient,...

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What is Flexible Conduit - A Complete Guide

In conjunction with our partners at Euro 2000, this article explains what a flexible conduit system is, as well as the characteristics and various types available for your project. read our complete...

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TE Sensors Complete Range Now Available from Demesne Electrical

We are delighted to announce that the world-renowned TE Sensors are now available from Demesne Electrical branches and through our website. TE Sensors range covers a multitude of applications and...

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Telehaase NA003 Grid Protection Device - Stay Compliant

The new grid and system protection NA003-M64 from TELE Haase combines all standards in one device and can therefore be used universally. When operating alternative power generation, grid and...

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IDEM Safety Products for Food & Beverage Manufacturing

In the food and beverage manufacturing industry, safety is of paramount importance. With a range of machinery and equipment used in various processes, ensuring the well-being of both employees and...

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Switched On Trade Event | September 21st | Green Isle Hotel

We're delighted to announce our 'trade-only event' is back this year. Switched On takes place on September 21st in Dublin's Green Isle Hotel. Register today for your chance to win a €1,000 gift car....

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Meet Demesne & Our Partners at Manufacturing & Supply Chain Event | Dublin's RDS May 23rd & 24th

We are delighted to announce our partners for the upcoming trade event in the RDS in Dublin, will be OEM U.K and Fibox U.K. Representatives from both companies will be exhibiting their latest...

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FiloSeal+HD Duct Seal

Now available from Demesne, FiloSeal+HD provides a strong support system using the hexagonal tubes which builds up like a honeycomb structure. FiloSeal+HD is suitable for sealing any cable...

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Stego Enclosure Heaters with Loop

STEGO, a specialist in thermal management, has introduced enclosure heaters featuring a new loop-style heating element. These heaters are available in five different series, with power outputs...

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