Introducing the NEW Klauke K05WF Crimping Tools

We are happy to announce that new crimping tools from Klauke are now available from Demesne Electrical. Elevate your crimping game with our latest tools, the K05WF50 and K05WF95. These tools ensure perfect crimps with less effort and feature optimized square crimping for superior connection quality.



We have found that some customers have problems with the crimping shape of the current tools, as they often do not fit into all terminals without reworking. In addition, some do not achieve good pull-out values, so a safe connection is not ensured. 

The new K05WF50 and K05WF95 impress with improved handling and a square crimping with very good pull-out values that fit into all common terminal types.



Key benefits of K05WF50 & K05WF95

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Product Features

  • Easy to operate by pre-clamping using an additional lever
  • Up to 50% less pressing is required thanks to wider pressing
  • No rework is necessary thanks to the optimal fit using square pressing



Crimping Range

The K05WF50 and the K05WF95 makes it possible to crimp the common ferrules according to DIN, as well as insulated ferrules, twin ferrules and insulated twin ferrules.

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K05WF50 Cu 25 - 50 mm² / 2x 16mm²

K05WF95Cu 50-95mm²











Ordering Information & Product Codes

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