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Our partners Katko specialise in safety switches, load break switches, fused switches and related accessories. With more than 70 years of experience, Katko's product selection is among the most extensive in the world. It includes special products for demanding operating environments and critical locations.



With Katko’s isolators you will build a safe and modifiable solar power system
Katko’s product selection includes isolators for safe breaking of direct and alternating current in solar power systems. Reliable switching is important so that any possible malfunctions can be repaired safely and without accidents. With larger solar power systems smart setup and implementation ensure maintenance without shutting down system completely. In this case different parts of the system can be disconnected separately and as smaller sections.

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Katko’s DC and AC switches for photovoltaic systems are available with or without enclosure. Switches are rated for both DC-21B and DC-PV2 utilization categories.

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Demesne are authorised distributors for the Katko range of Enclosed Isolators, Stainless Steel Isolators, Din Rail Mounted Isolators and Switch Fuses. High quality products designed and manufactured in Finland, the Katko range is suited for many applications including pharma, manufacturing and heavy industry.




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