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Surge Protection for your valuable equipment at home & in offices is vital. We offer the prefect solution with the Dehn 952070 surge arrester...



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The Dehn 952070 Surge Protection unit offers protection against switching surges, power outages and nearby lightning strikes.


Product Features

  • Multi-purpose surge arrester consisting of a base part and plug-in protection module
  • High discharge capacity due to heavy-duty zinc oxide varistor
  • High reliability due to "Thermo Dynamic Control" SPD monitoring device
  • Energy coordination with other arresters of the Red/Line product family
  • Operating state / fault indication by green / red indicator flag in the inspection window
  • Narrow (modular) design acc. to DIN 43880
  • Multifunctional terminals for connecting conductors and busbars
  • Easy replacement of protection modules due to module locking system with module release button
  • Vibration and shock-tested according to EN 60068-2


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