Lightning & Surge Protection Equipment for Electric Car Charging Stations

Electric vehicles on our roads are becoming increasingly popular. For every electric car charging point that is manufactured it is vital to have the correct surge protection devices installed.


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comprehensive lightning and surge protection concept must be implemented at the design phase of charging units.


Regarding protection there are two main issues that have to be taken into account:

1. Facilities

2. Human life


The Dehn range provides

  • Protective devices for the charging infrastructure
  • Protective equipment for your employees


Surge & Lightning Protection for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations


Electric vehicles are too expensive and the investments too high to run the risk of lightning and surge damage. Therefore we have options to protect your EV charging units from both lightning & surges.






Surge Protection Equipment for Working on Electric Vehicles & Chargers


The topic of “safe working in the field of "electromobility” creates completely new challenges for operators and garages. Employees have to be protected.

Risk of electric arcs

Maintenance and repair of electric vehicles is new territory for many garages. The charged battery in the d.c. on-board power supply, for example, has a considerably higher threat potential than a conventional 12 V system.

The risk of an arc fault when someone is approaching or in case of a short-circuit requires comprehensive protection measures.

Protective equipment for employees

To ensure occupational health and safety, vehicle manufacturers and garages must provide personal protective equipment to their employees.







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