Perfand LED Lighting for Plants Growth Support

New LED Lighting used for growing Fruit & Vegetables in Greenhouses.

Light is an important factor in the life of all plants. However, in the Autumn & Winter months the days are short, which means the amount of solar energy reaching the ground is small. This is where our Perfand LED Lighting for plants comes into play!



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  • HORTI A shines with an increased stream of blue and red and is intended for seedlings.
  • HORTI B, on the other hand, shines with an increased stream of red colour & is intended for the growth of plants ( see pics above)


These luminaires have a patented light modulation system making it even more economical compared to lamps made in traditional LED technology



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  • From our experience & opinions of growers, it appears that plants illuminated with HORTI luminaires had a higher mass & a clearly darker colour.
  • Very good rooting of cuttings was also observed.
  • Growers also emphasize that the impulse nature of light allows for free & unobtrusive work of employees in the illuminated objects.


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