New Katko Load Break Switches

Katko have just launched new Load Break Switches in 630amp & 80amp, more info here...


KU 630 & 800 Amp Load Break Switches


katko ku 630-800a

Katko, The Switch Manufacturers, have just launched new Load Break Switches to add to their KU range. The new swicthes are available in 630 & 800 Amp and are suitable for demanding industrial applications.

This new switch is made of 100% recyclable thermoplastic material. It is available with 3, 4, 6 or 8 poles and as a change-over switch. The switch is rated 800 A & 630 A / 690V, and 400 A / 1000V. Wide range of accessories include auxiliary contacts, handles and phase barriers.


New KU Product Features

  • 800A AC-23A @ 690VAC
  • 400A AC-23A @ 1000VAC
  • R.M.S value 100kA
  • lcw 690V (1s) 28kA


New DC Rated Isolator

Also available is a new DC Rated Switch from Katko. Suited for PV Photovoltaics, the DC Load Break Switch is rated at 400 Amps.

New DC Switch Product Features
katko dc switch
  • 400 A @ 1500V DC-21B
  • Four poles in series
  • Made of 100% recyclable materials
  • Reliable switch for demanding industrial applications
  • Available with direct handle (SV 800 KIT) or separate handle (LKX 150 or LKX 150 Y/R) and shaft (LVK)
  • Auxiliary contacts available (1.V160KU or 2.V160KU), up to 8 NC + 8 NO
  • Terminal covers and phase barriers (VS800) available




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