New From ETA - E NUX Suite Cabinet System

The New Shell For Automation! - Discover The Features, Benefits & Functionality Of These Brand New Cabinets.

   E NUX Suite Cabinet System


 The E NUX wardrobe system is a combination of cutting-edge technical-quality features, designed to enhance the functionality, robustness and versatility of the switchboard.



Preserve and enhance environmental resources over time; invest in new production processes in a long-term perspective; offering high quality solutions: this is the ETA philosophy, of which E NUX, the new modular wardrobe system, becomes a tangible symbol.

Innovation takes shape on several levels: research in terms of efficiency and environmental protection, investments in new technologically advanced systems and energy-saving machining processes, new construction concepts, choice of HSLA steels with high yield limit of the latest generation and performing mechanical characteristics.


Overview of the E Nux Cabinets


E Nux Cabinets - Features & Benefits

  • Variety of solutions, configurations & dimensions
  • Rigid frame profile & sturdy structure 
  • New high strength low alloy steel Screenshot_35-1
  • Innovative latch system
  • Modern Clean appearance 
  • Removable roof to simplify cable management 
  • Simple structure assembly
  • Reversible door 


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