Klauke Orange Line - The Tool Range for Maximum Safety

We at Demesne know how important safety is to our customers. Our partners Klauke offer a new tool range for Maximum Safety - The Orange Line!

The Orange Line series of Battery Operated Hydraulic Cutting & Crimping Tools are Globally Unique as they are the world's first tools that protect from electric shocks up to 1000V! The insulation barrier prevents voltage discharging between tool head and tool body.

Each tool is tested to the high requirements of IEC 60900. This guarantees voltage protection up to 1000 V.

Check out the video below....


Klauke Orange Line


The Orange Line of Tools - Safer & Convenient 

   klauke orange line 1


Working on live cables can't be avoided and always carries a risk.....Until Now! 

The Orange Series of Battery Powered Hydraulic Tools significantly increase the users safety - with these tools, electric accidents can now be actively prevented! 

The Orange line of Tools are very comfortable to use and are suitable for all applications in low voltage areas up to 1000V:                                                                                                           

  • Installation of Cable Joints
  • Works on overhead transmission lines 
  • Repairing or Mounting Street Lighting...Etc.


Below are just SOME of the Tools available in the Orange Line....


EKM 60 ID ISM                                                                

VDE Battery Powered Hydraulic Crimping Tool 10-240mmSQ

       klauke EKM 60 ID      


EKM60/22 ISM

VDE Battery Powered Hydraulic Crimping Tool 6-300mmSQ

      klauke ekm6022ism


VDE Battery Powered Hydraulic Cutting Tool 50mm Dia. 

        klauke esm50


VDE Battery Powered Hydraulic Cutting Tool 35mm Dia.

       klauke esm 35


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