The Cable Repair Kit | FiloSlim Sheath Repair Kit

A new product in our range, the FiloSlim LV Cable Jointing System is perfect for repairing damaged cables quickly & easily on site.



Why replace when you can repair?? 

We are very excited to introduce The FILOSLIM Sheath Repair Kit which uses a totally enclosed mix & pour polyurethane resin technology, designed for use as a permanent repair of damaged cable sheaths!


No Heat Source Required | No Specialist Tools | Saves Time & Money 

The combination of the Filoform 3D Gauze & the FILOSLIM Injection Resin, enables a quick & easy method of sealing and protecting damaged areas.  The hydrocarbon resistant outer sealing tape offers protection in the tough conditions found in direct buried and free- standing applications.




Product Features 

  • No heat source required
  • No specialist tools
  • Enclosed mixing & pouring
  • Cables can be buried immediately after pouring the resin (full cure is achieved after 1 hour)
  • Suitable for cables up to 170mm diameter as standard
  • Suitable for use as a moisture seal
  • Suitable for direct buried and vertical applications
  • Suitable as an outer seal on EPR, XLPE, PVC and PILC LV and MV cable sheaths
  • Void filling properties of the resin, negate the requirement for additional mastic tapes or gap fillers
  • Kit contains all components required; including the resin, tape, nozzles and gloves
  • Seawater resistant
  • Hydrocarbon resistant
  • Can be de-laminated (tape & blue injection valve can be removed, once cured)

Check out the FiloSlim Sheath Repair Kit in action - Watch Video Below! 


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