Thermal Management Solutions for Industrial Applications

In conjunction with our partners Stego, we can now offer complete Thermal Management solutions for most industrial applications.



Stego are one of the world leaders in developing, manufacture and distribution solutions for the climatisation of control cabinets and enclosures. Their products ensure the operational safety of electrical and electronic components – in the case of temperature highs or lows and humidity caused by temperature fluctuations.


Patented, Quality Products

Stego offer the following on all their product range:

  • Patented Innovations - from a basic panel thermostat to an IoT capable Smart Sensor
  • Certified Quality - Quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001/ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001
  • Competent Customer Service - tech support, after sales support & custom product development


HEATING - Protection against frost and condensation

Optimised temperatures are of utmost importance in cabinets. STEGO heaters and fan heaters prevent dangerously low temperatures, humidity and ensure an equal distribution of warm air.



  • Heaters available with & without fans
  • 5Watt up to 1200Watt
  • Aluminium & touch safe housings available
  • Din rail or screw mountings
  • Integrated thermostats
  • Quick connection terminals



COOLING - Protection against overheating

To protect installations from excessively high temperatures, STEGO filter fans ensure efficient cooling by circulating air.



  • Market-standard cut-out sizes
  • Rachet mount mechanism for tool-free installation
  • Systems with new 'airflap outlet' technology
  • DC versions
  • Roof filter fans
  • 19“ Fan Trays



REGULATING & MONITORING - Constant monitoring

STEGO‘s temperature and humidity  control systems perfect operating conditions for electrical and electronic installations and safeguard their performance.


  • ORIGINAL bimetal regulators KTO and KTS
  • Adjustable / preset thermostats and hygrostats
  • 2 in 1 devices
  • NC and NO
  • Thermostat and Hygrostat
  • AC and DC
  • Analog and digital Smart Sensors



LIGHTING - Control Panel lighting solutions

Our lighting solutions ensure that maintenance on electronic installations can be carried out night and day.



  • LED or energy saving lamps
  • On-/Off switch, movement sensor, connection for external door switch
  • Magnet, screw, or clip mounting options
  • Lights with integrated sockets



EX-PROTECTION - Explosion protection equipment

Specific requirements apply to the operation of electrical equipment in hazardous areas. STEGO heaters and thermostats meet international and European standards.


  • 50 W to 250 W
  • Temperature class heaters T3, T4, T5
  • Temperature class thermostats T6
  • two cable lengths



Applications for Stego Thermal Management Products

Just some of the applications & industries where Stego Thermal Management products are suited:

  • in Industrial Facilities
  • in Wind Power Stations 
  • in Telecommunication
  • in Traffic Control Systems
  • in Railway Systems 
  • in Parking Meters
  • in Machinery and Plant Engineering
  • in Mining


  • in Low-, Medium-, and High-Voltage Systems
  • in Solar Power Stations
  • in Mobile Phone Systems
  • in Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  • in ATM‘s & Pay Stations 
  • in Electric/Electronic Control & Display Systems
  • in Hazardous Areas, Chemistry & Petrochemistry



Safeguard the performance of your electrical installations today! 

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