NEW Push & Tighten Cable Gland | Quick Installation

Another new product from our partners Bimed, the Push & Tighten Cable Gland does away with the need for a lock-nut...

Industrial Push & Tighten Cable Glands 


Our partners Bimed design & manufacture a complete range of industrial cable glands and fittings. Their cable glands & fittings provide strain relief for cables and high protection against dirt, dust, water and other liquidity in electrical and electronic systems.

One of their newer products is the Push & Tighten cable gland. This cable gland is available in sizes M16, M20, M25 and M32.

The Push & Tighten gland does not require a lock-nut, therefore installing the gland is far quicker than a traditional cable gland with a lock-nut.


Simplifying Cable Gland Installation | Massive Time Savings

To install these cable glands:

  • you simply push the cable gland through your entry hole
  • turn the glands body clockwise
  • insert cable
  • tighten cap on cable gland


Product features:

  • Perfectly fit to wall thickness 0,5 mm to 4,0 mm.
  • High quality strain relief and sealing
  • Reliable performance for standard industrial applications.
  •  IP67 rating


Watch the product demo video below...







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