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A new and incoming product from our partners Bimed is their Ventilation Plugs. They offer a high IP rating and gas permeability also...

Keep Control Panels Ventilated | Vent Plugs


February 2020 Update - New Bimed Calculator now available -


New from Bimed, Ventilation Glands & Plugs – also known as Pressure Balance Elements (PBEs) - balance the pressure difference inside and outside of an electrical enclosure while the system is switched on/off.

The vent plugs offer IP 66 or IP 67 protection. This way they are extending the lifetime of the complete system. Additionally they prevent corrosion and water condensation inside the enclosure.


Every Control Panel Should Have A Vent Plug Installed

The ventilation plugs are an simple and quick to install and an extremely cost effective way of extending the life time of your enclosure and the components inside.


bimed vent plug

Technical features

  • UL approved
  • high resistance against chemicals
  • different air flows available
  • different threads and colours available
  • customized designs upon request



  • industrial/electronic equipment featuring IP 66 and higher
  • wind energy
  • solar energy
  • automotive
  • automation technology
  • railway systems


Technical Details

Material Body PA 6
  Cap PA 6
  Vent Element Acrylic Co-Polymer on Nylon Support
  Seal Chloroprene
  Washer NBR
Protection Type   IP 66/67
Working Temperature Permanent -20°C to +100°C
  Intermittent -30°C to +150°C





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