KDS Click Cable Entry System | IP66 Plate

The new KES series of gland plates from CONTA-CLIP enables the quick and safe introduction of cable without connectors into cabinets and machine housings.

conta clip kds5IP66 Multiple Cable Entry System | KDS Click

KES plates provide IP66 protection with no need to specially fit and secure cables with screws.

To insert cables, the outer membrane of the gland plate is pierced with a pointed tool at a designated entry point. The wires are then simply pushed through.

Aside from the punctured membrane, the conical entry grommets on the back of the plate provide an extra double sealing of the cables with IP66 ingress protection as well as reliable strain relief.


Suited For Food & Pharma Industries

This new concept accommodates up to 32 cables per plate, achieving a much higher packing density than conventional screw-fitted cable entry solutions. KES also features smooth surfaces, rounded corners and ECOLAB certified resistance to industrial cleaning products, and therefore provides all necessary hygienic properties for use in the food industry or in pharmaceutical production.



  • Can be screwed/snapped on
  • Very high stability (core: PA 6.6 GF)
  • Outstanding strain relief (cone grommet)
  • Very simple assembly (with marked centring point)
  • High-density assemblies
  • Double sealing / IP66 seal
  • Hygienic design: no dirt-prone niches
  • Large assortment (48 varieties)
  • UL-listed plastic materials UL 94 V-0