Google Home, Amazon Echo & Energenie MiHome

There has been a huge increase in demand for our range of Energenie MiHome products in recent months, both in Ireland and the U.K. A major factor in this is the rise of the voice powered home assistants, such as the Amazon Echo and now Google Home.


Voice Control & The Smart Home

  • Alexa had sold 3 million units in the U.K already and other territories are planned for 2017
  • Sales in MiHome grew 74% with install products seeing an even greater uplift.
  • People love switching lights by using just their voice.


The Amazon Echo has been on sale in the U.K. since September 2016 and in that time has sold an impressive 3 million units, primarily into home and businesses that can see the benefits of haveing a voice assistant by their side.


Energenie MiHome & Amazon Alexa

The Energenie MiHome range of home automation products are fully compatible with the Amazon Echo.  The two systems can be married up easily using the Alexa app. 

Once both systems are talking to each other, you can ask Alexa to

  • turn on your kitchen lights as you enter the house
  • ask Alexa to dim the lights as you begin a movie
  • or ask Alexa to turn on your hall and landing lamps at dusk and off at sunrise





Energenie MiHome & Google Home

Google, never to be left behind, have launched their own voice assistant in the U.K. recently called Google Home. release date for ireland yet to be announced, but services such as parcel Motel can be used to order through Argos in the U.K.

Google Home works in a similiar way to Alexa, in that it can provide real time weather, traffic information and news headlines simply by saying 'OK Google' and asking for the information you need.

Similiar to Alexa, Google Home works with music streaming services such as Spotify. You can ask Google Home to play U2 - The Joshua Tree and before you know it the opening chords of Where The Streets Have No Name will begin !

Google Home and our Energenie MiHome range of home automation products are now fully compatible and work 'out of the box.'

As you can see in the video below, you can now control your lights as well as sockets around your home and office by using just your voice.





We have a great free MiHome Installation & Information Guide for you.

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