Fibox ARCA Corrosion Resistant Electrical Enclosures

 Some application images of the Fibox ARCA range of GRP electrical enclosures around the U.K and Ireland. Complete protection for your equipment.

The Fibox ARCA range of GRP electrical enclosures offers IP67 protection with an impact resistance rating of IK10, meaning your equipment stays safe in even the harshest conditions.


Suitable for outdoors, Fibox ARCA is a corrosion resistant electrical enclosure solution




The complete Fibox range can be ordered with full customised text and logos on the enclosure doors and lids





Pole mounting kits available for ease of installation on motorways and on sites




Install and walk away. No more issues of having to replace a rusted, corroded steel enclosure in a few years time...




Fibox ARCA are at home on factory floors thanks to a strong impact resistance of IK10




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