Shenler Industrial Relays | New Range Now Available

Our new range of Industrial Plug In Relays & Bases from new partners Shenler are now available to order. The new range of relays covers all popular pin types as per our previous range from Relpol.


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Who Are Shenler Electric?

Founded in 1985, Zhe Jiang Shenle Electric Co., Ltd. , is China's leading industrial relay manufacturer. Shenler's focus is on R & D, manufacturing and sales in the  industrial relay sector, providing more than 50 ranges & 1000 kinds of relay and socket products.

Shenler constantly maintains product consistency and reliability by implementing continuous improvement program through whole production process from product research and design, parts manufacturing, mold making, plastic injection to final assembling. In 2011, Shenler was awarded as Global Manufacturer by GMC audit committee.


The Shenler Relays Range


Interface Relays

shenler rnc 2


  • Product code RNC...
  • 6mm
  • 24v AC/DC & 230v available



Mini 8 Pin Relay & Bases


  • Product code RFT...
  • 12v DC to 230v AC available
  • 2 Pole C/O
  • Bases to suit SRT/SRU



14 Pin Relay & Bases

shenler rke4c

  • Product code RKE...
  • 12v DC to 230v AC available
  • 4 Pole C/O
  • Bases to suit SKB/SKC



8 Pin Octal Relay & Bases

shenler rub range

  • Product code RUB2...
  • 12v DC to 230v AC available
  • 2 Pole C/O
  • Base to suit SUB08E



11 Pin Octal Relay & Bases


  • Product code RUB3..
  • 12v DC to 230v AC available
  • 3 Pole C/O
  • Base to suit SUB11E


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