Revolutionizing Power Supply: How PULS Leads with Innovation and Quality in DIN Rail Technology

PULS is the technology and market leader for high-performance DIN rail power supplies and supplementary units. The company’s wide product portfolio is available off-the-shelf.PULS_images_view_products_small variety_2021_2


The efficient, compact and durable DIN rail power supplies are the result of four decades of R&D experience and the commitment of around 1,700 employees worldwide. Therefore, PULS put a LOT of effort into engineering.  More than 100 PULS developers regularly set new technological benchmarks on the market.

PULS manufactures products at its own production sites in the Czech Republic and China. A global team of sales and application engineers provides customers with the best service.

PULS is the only company worldwide focused entirely on the development and production of DIN rail power supplies.

The concentrated engineering knowledge, resources and energy is on one goal: To be the best in this technology.

As a result, PULS set standards in terms of efficiency and quality that delight customers.


The power supplies in the product families consist of  DIMENSIONPIANOFIEPOS and MiniLine.  The the following specifications should be noted -

·             Efficiency up to 96.0%

·             High MTBF and longest service life

·             Compact and lightweight

·             Cool design for lower temperatures

·             High power reserves – optional with 50% BonusPower and 20% Power Boost

·             Simple installation and perfect usability

·             Wide product range with devices 15-1,000W

·             High-end supplementary units: DC-UPS and battery modules, buffer modules, redundancy modules, protection modules


The quality of the power supplies is a primary priority at PULS.  The purchasing and development departments ensure the use of only the highest-quality components for the design process. In MTBF and lifetime we regularly set the benchmarks in the market.


In addition, PULS power supplies are made available for decades and will not be discontinued. As a result, customers can plan for the long term without having to worry about obsolescence or design changes of power supplies.