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Telemecanique Sensors Making Detection "Simply & Easy"!

The M30 XX Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor is new to the world of Sensors, with it's Unique Features & Multiple Sensing Ranges it's already proving to be very popular.

Sensor Features:

  • Ensures reliable sensing in challenging environments
  • World first E2 certified sensors, with electromagnetic interference
  • Detection over wide areas with Synchronisation function
  • ECOLAB Certified for Food & Beverage applications
  • Detects even the smallest targets & curved surfaces
  • High sensitivity levels
  • Detect objects over a large coverage area
  • Multiple sensing ranges
  • Ideal choice for multiple applications & segments


A new benchmark for ultrasonic sensing !


Ultrasonic XX Software:

The new Ultrasonic XX Software easily allows set up & customisation of the XX M18 and M30 configurable ultrasonic sensors range. Basic and advanced parameters such as operating mode, window area, hysteresis, and echo options can be adjusted to fit specific applications.


Check out video below & see for yourself how to easily configure your Ultrasonic Sensor!


Tutorial - XX Analog Output - How to configure


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