Home Automation | The Benefits of Smart Plugs

What Are Smart Plugs?

Smart Plugs are simply smart plug adapters that plug into your existing wall sockets. You can then plug in your household appliances such as your kettle, toaster, lamps etc. and have control of these devices remotely via an app.

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Essentially Smart Plugs give you control of the flow of electricity. You can switch whatever appliance or lamps you have plugged into the Smart Plug by using an app on your smart phone or tablet.

The control can be taken a step further by setting up simple timers for your lamps to switch on/off.

Additional features such as geofencing now allow you control Smart Plugs based on your location, e.g. switch on your kettle and porch light as you pull into your driveway. Genius!


Why Smart Plugs?

You could spend €1000's on updating your appliances to make them 'smart.' In the ever increasing demand for home automation products you can buy smart kettles, washing machines and even a smart fridge, i kid you not...(http://www.samsung.com/ie/refrigerators/multi-door-rf56k9540sr/ )

Using Smart Plugs you can instantly change your existing lamps and appliances into 'smart' appliances that you can control remotely from anywhere in the world. This can help you save money & energy and make your home look more secure when the house is vacant.

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Where Can I Use Smart Plugs?

As mentioned above the most common use for Smart Plugs is on basic appliances around the home and/or office such as kettle, lamps, toasters, fans, TV's and coffee makers.

With the likes of your your kettle, you can leave the switch in the on position with the Smart Plug turned off. As you are getting ready in the morning, switch the Smart Plug on from your app. The kettle will be boiled when you go downstairs saving you valuable time every morning!

  • When charging your phone at night time, set the timer on your Smart Plug to come on for just 2-3 hours during the night, This should be plenty of time to fully charge your phone
  • Coming up to Christmas, the age old question of 'Did I leave The Christmas tree lights on?' will be now more. You can now check on an app if the Smart Plug is switched on or off.
  • Above can be said for irons, hair straighteners, curling tongs etc etc...
  • Control lamps by setting up timers around your house to give the impression of an occupied house, even when you are away on holidays.
  • Save energy and money by switching TV's and audio equipment off completely at night time. Leaving TV's etc in standby uses energy and can be a fire hazard.


Free Smart Plug / Home Automation eBook

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