Customise Your Own Fibox Enclosures | Design & Customise Tool

Fibox has announced the launch of a brand-new online configurator for electrical enclosures and control cabinets.




Introducing Fibox FX Cad

The tool enables individual planning of housings for control and display devices and power distribution components with custom breakouts.


Simple & Quick To Design The Exact Enclosure You Require

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Users are also able to immediately request quotes on the customised electrical enclosure they have just designed. 

Users can either directly select their preferred series or specify the enclosure size and material. The enclosure is visualized as a 3-D model. Breakout openings can be positioned by drag and drop or by entering coordinates.


Suggested Accessories for Your Custom Plastic or Polycarb Enclosure

The Fibox FX Cad configurator suggests matching accessories, for example cable glands for threaded holes. Additional installation components such as mounting plates and rails sized for the specified enclosure are also presented and can comfortably be dragged into the parts list. 

After registration, users can save and further process their configurations. A download link for technical drawings and CAD data (file formats: PDF and DXF) will be sent via email.


Try FX Cad For Your Next Custom Enclosure Project

Simply click the button below to use the Fibox FX Cad software. 




If you require any additional assistance please contact us on or 003531-4047700