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The new GSM Pro2 allows you control and monitor devices from anywhere in the world. Download your free guide here today...

The Perfect Communicator

The GSM Pro2 works on 2g/3g network. The module allows you to monitor and control devices remotely. The GSM Pro2 can send you a text message or email to your smart phonne, laptop or tablet of a user defined status or limit value. Perfect for montoring pumps, fans and machinery.

The digital relay outputs can be switched using text message sent from the service technician from anywhere in the world. The process can be controlled and monitored remotely in this way. A free GSM Pro2 app is available for iPhone and Android devices, more on that below.


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GSM Pro2 with GPS

The GSM Pro2 is available with built in GPS with an external antenna connection. This allows the technician monitor the modules location, handy if being used on machinery or parts that are being moved from site to site.


Inputs & Outputs

Both GSM Pro2 modules are equipped with 2 multi function inputs, one relay output and one pulse counter input. The pulse counter input can process up to 1000 pulses per second, meaning a photovoltaic system or kWh meter can be connected.


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Smartphone App

The new smartphone app for your GSM Pro2 provides a simple and fast solution for you to control and monitor devices on your phone or tablet. The app shows you the status of all inputs and outputs from one or more GSM Pro2 modules. Module outputs can be controlled also from within the app. The app's buttons provide an intuitive interface for controlling a heater, fan, motor, water pump etc...



Expansion Modules

You also have the option of using expansion midules to give additional inputs and outputs. Up to 15 I/O expansion modules, in 4 different versions, can be controlled for each module. There is a built in plug connector supplies the power and control functions for each module. 


Over The Air Updates

Whether you need to add a new phone number of a user, a new I/O setting, change in a module name or any other change, this can be done easily and from any location around the world. Also, GSM Pro2 can also update its firmware using OTA, so any modules with different versions will always be kept synched and up to date.


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Free GSM Pro2  Download

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  • Overview of the GSM Pro2
  • Complete technical specs of GSM Pro2 & GSM Pro2-GPS
  • Information and diagrams of all I/O modules
  • Ordering information - product codes