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Scafftag® helps you manage and communicate the latest inspection / test status of equipment in terms of health and safety, maintenance and identity to improve safety compliance and business performance.

Health & Safety Solutions for Site Work

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Think about your equipment on site...

  • How do you know it is fit for use?
  • When was it last inspected?
  • How do you identify it among the hundreds of similar if items on site?


Without the latest information, people are prone to make assumptions and assumptions can lead to accidents which could be potentially fatal.

The identify, maintenance and inspection of all site equipment is therefore critical.

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What Are Scafftags?

Scafftags can help sites a much safer working environment:

  • Communicate the latest equipment inspection and test status clearly at the point of use
  • Record an audit trail of recent equipment maintenance, tests and inspections
  • Uniquely identify equipment
  • Comply with Health & Safety legislation
  • Reduce accidents in the work place





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We can help you with Visual Tagging for work at height, plant, vehicles, machinery, tooling, work-space control and process & pipelines.

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