Choose The Correct UPS For Your Application

The Riello UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) range offers three variations to choose from. To ensure you choose the correct UPS for your application, we have listed the differences in Off line UPS, Line Interactive UPS & Online Double Conversion UPS...

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What is Off Line UPS?

Off Line UPS will only kick in once the power has failed or dropped below circa 172 Volts. If the input voltage is 180v, then the output is 180v also. The voltage needs to drop below 172v for the Off Line UPS to kick in and give an output of 230v (+/- 10%) on battery.


What is Line Interactive UPS?

Line Interactive UPS use automatic voltage regulation (AVR) to correct abnormal voltages without switching to battery.

The UPS detects when voltage crosses a preset low (c.162v) or high (c.192v) threshold value and uses transformers to boost or lower the voltage by a set amount to return it to the acceptable range.

So, if the input voltage is 180v, then the output is 230v. These UPS's will clean the voltage and always give an output of 230v.



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What is OnLine Double Conversion UPS?

This UPS uses a more precise method of voltage regulation:they continiously convert incoming AC power to DC power (rectifier) and then convert the DC power to ideal AC output power (inverter).

This continious double conversion operation isolates connected equipment from problems on the AC line, including blackouts, brownouts, overvoltages, surges, line noises, harmonic distortion, electrical impulses and frequency variations. 

These UPS's will clean & protect the input voltage and always give a perfect output of 230v.



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