New Generation of Power Monitoring | Multi-Function Power Meter

Demesne are very excited to introduce a New Generation of Power Monitoring: The Sifam Tinsley AP15-3DL-RJ12 Multi-Function Power Meter 


The Sifam Tinsley AP15-3DL-RJ12 Multi-Function Power Meter




Features of AP15-3DL-RJ12 Dual Load Meter

  • New generation modern design power monitor that will measure & display electrical power quality parameters for 2 three phase circuits.


  • Replacing the need for use of two separate meters, this has been designed specifically for a split load board where power & lighting has to be measured separately.


  • Engineered to cover most applications (Three Phase networks / Built in Pulsed and RS485 Modbus / Import and Export kWh), replacing the need for several different models of this power meter.


  • Produced to the highest quality & utilises the latest microprocessor and technology.


  • Back-lit display & 16 different measuring parameters - Including a negative power reading to indicate reversal of CT installation or connection.


  • With built in pulsed outputs & RS485 Modbus RTU it is fully compatible for integration with BMS and remote monitoring systems.


  • This specific model from the Sifam Tinsley RJ range is configured to work in conjunction with our RJ12 fast connect CT’s.


Easy InstallationUntitled design - 2020-01-28T110152.306
  • Meter to CT RJ12 Cable - Pre-Wired Looms Ensure An Error Free Install...the RJ12 cable is a proven method of connecting
    the meter to the current transformer significantly quicker


  • Voltage to Fuse Loom - Quick and easy to connect, no auxiliary! ...The pre-wired plug of the Voltage to Fuse loom clicks into the AP15-3DL meter and has
    open tails on the other end for connection to the appropriate fused breaker



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