Klikseal Is Here - No More Cable Glands!

We have a great new product from Swedish company Tapper Sealing Technology, called Klikseal. Klikseal is the best of a cable gland and a grommet in one product. It requires no torque or tightening of locknuts during installation.

Goodbye Cable Glands & Pesky Locknuts !

Locknuts on cable glands tend to be under tightened or over tightened which can result in the gland and cable coming loose or the cable being damaged if overtightened. Klikseal is tested to 'Cable Anchorage Type A.' The same cable anchorage as most cable glands on the market.

As well as the great cable anchorage, Klikseal offers - 

  • self-adjusting to its surrounding wall thickness
  • click-fixes into place
  • has a membrane seal
  • is waterproof, requires very little effort to install with its collapsable outer membrane
  • saves up to 90% of your installation time.





Save 90% on Installation Time

The Klikseal can save you up to 90% on installation over using a cable gland. No tools required, it simply clicks into place by pressing with both thumbs.

You then push your cable through the pushout membrane.

Once installed, Klikseal cannot be removed unintentionally.


IP67 Pushout Membrane

The 'pushout' membrane means you have an IP67 seal before and after the cable is insetred, meaning the Klikseal can double up as a blank.

Klikseal is water and dust proof to IP67, which means that you do not need to worry if you have chosen the right protection class.


Protect Your Cable

Rubber coated tension relief for protection of the cable to avoid possible damage. The arms providing cable anchorage are coated with TPE. TPE is a plastic material with a “rubbery” texture that works as a protection between the harder plastic and the cable mantle. It also provides dampening against vibration.


We have a limited number of Klikseal sample packs available to send out.

Hit the image below to request your FREE Klikseal sample pack.


 klikseal sample.jpg