New ILME Multipin Connectors & Inserts- Squich

 The new ILME CDSH Squich inserts for Multipin Connectors are now available. Save time & space on your next inserts project. All the info here...

ilme 33.png


The continuous demand for a greater number of poles and of smaller dimensions has led to the design and manufacture of the new CDSH series, which offers single connectors with a maximum number of 84 poles that occupy the same space of standard connectors with screw/spring connection.

The new ILME CDSH squich inserts range allows

  • Up to 70% space saving, due to high density of contacts
  • 50% less time spent wiring thanks to spring connection
  • No special cable preperation required (stripping only)
  • No tools required
  • Excellent fastening solution
  • Excellent resistance to strong vibrations from machinery etc.





 A perfect alternative to Harting Multipin Connectors the complete ILME range can be viewed here in our web shop.


New ILME Connectors catalogue download available - Click on the image below


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