How To Make An IP67 Seal On A Cable

Another new product we are introducing to the electrical market. Over our 40 years in business we have been at the forefront of quality and innovative products for the electrical industry in Ireland and the U.K.


Cold Shrink Tubes from Filoform

The new Cold Shrink Tubes allow you to make an IP67 seal around the end of a cable, without the need for a heat source. Usually this job would have needed a heat source, such as an electric heat gun. This was not always suitable depending on the application and the area where the cable needed to be sealed, such as an ATEX area.

Filoshrink cold shrink products were introduced into the market to help solve the problem of having to use a heat source or naked flame in hazardous areas. This applied mainly to  Petrochemical and Offshore installations; however, over time, cold shrink products have replaced the more traditional jointing methods of cast resin and Heatshrink in many day-to-day applications.

Save Time - No Messy Resin !

The simple removal of the spiral reduces installation time, and there is no waiting period for resin to cure before you can back-fill and move onto the next joint.

The cold shrink End Caps are now used throughout the Industry as a cost effective method of permanently or temporarily sealing underground cables, and have generally replaced Heatshrink as the go-to product. Flexible, versatile and uncomplicated, cold shrink is a valuable addition to the Filoform range of cable jointing solutions.

The range is available to suit cables from 10mm up to 135mm diameter.

Product Demo Video

Check out the video below to see how this new product can give you an IP67 seal on any cable you are working with in a matter of seconds...

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