Auer 50 Modular Signal Tower Ø 50mm

Auer Signal is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of Top Quality Signalling Equipment. Find out here about the Modul-Signal 50 modular signal tower, which offers an extensive range of Light & Sound Modules for Industrial applications.


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Product Features


  • Ø 50 mm modular signal tower series
  • Extensive range of light & tone modules
  • LED/xenon/incandescent bulb technology, 6 different lens colours
  • Alternatively operated with conventional incandescent bulb technology
  • Piezo buzzer modules
  • Extensive range of mounting types
  • Housing colours black or grey
  • PLC-suitable
  • High degree of protection IP65, UL type 4/4X/13





Visual / Audible Modules for Signal Tower


The Visual / Audible Modules for the Auer 50 Modular Signal Tower come in a range of variations making it configurable to suit your needs !

  • Visual Modules - Choose from Steady, Flashing or Strobe
  • Audible Modules - 88-103dB
  • Available in a range of Lens Colours
  • Available in all Voltages
  • Max. number of possible modules: 5


Bases to suit the Auer 50 Modular Signal Tower:

The versatility of this Signal Tower doesn't stop at there... Auer also offer a range of bases to suit every application, whether you want vertical or horizontal etc. Auer have you covered! Check out some of the bases available below:


VWM Base for Horizontal Mounting - 790520900

Untitled design - 2020-02-11T115507.061

VMV Base for Vertical Mounting - 790140900

Untitled design - 2020-02-11T115954.066

These are just some of the bases of a vast range available


Why not click the button below to download the Tower Signal e-Catalogue & find out more amazing features!!


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