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MID Approval is now required on all electrical measurement devices and meters in use across the EU. Are you up to speed with this directive? All the details are here... 

What Is The Measuring Instruments Directive?

The Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) is a directive introduced by the European Commission. Its purpose is to promote free trade of all types of measuring instruments throughout Europe.

The MID came into effect throughout the EU on 30th October 2006. MID approval is now required for any electrical meters being used for billing purposes.


MID approval


MID Approved Meters & Landlord Obligations

Any landlord of commercial, residential or industrial properties must ensure the meters they have on site are MID approved. From October 2016 only MID approved meters can be installed. The use of un-approved meters for billing comes with the risk of prosecution.

A tenant is within his/her rights to refuse payment of their energy bill if that bills reading has come from a non approved meter.

According to SHM Communications, around 90% of meters fitted in commercial buildings are not approved for billing.

Any meter installed prior to October 2006, when the MID came into effect, can continue to be used as long as they are measuring energy usage accurately. In the UK & Ireland MID applies for loads up to 100kW.



What MID Approved kWh Meters Are Available?

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