Dehn Lightning & Surge Protection 3D Planning Service

Introducing a great 3D planning new service from our partners in Lightning and Surge Protection, Dehn.

DehnConcept 3D Planning Service

DehnConcept is their latest offering. Dehn Concept is a comprehensive full colour, 3D planning and specification service for isolated lightning protection solutions.

The benefits of using this service are obvious: seeing a clear visual representation of the protected volumes 360 degrees around the building. This provides accurate information for the installer and results in lower error rate and reduction in overall project cost.


DehnConcept provides the following for complex and sensitive lightning and surge projects:

  • full colour 360 degree visualization of the lightning protection measures for your project
  • additional 2D and isometric views of components
  • fixing methods and conductor routings
  • full bill of materials required
  • product data sheets
  • install instructions

 dehn 3d.jpg


Lightning and Surge Protection For Industrial Applications

Nuclear, petro-chemical, biomass, digestion, explosive and ATEX environments can all be looked at using the new DehnConcept planning service.

 Free DehnConcept eBook available

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