Tele Haase SensAct - The Future Of Monitoring

All The Functions Of An Automation Unit In A Single Small Ultra-Compact & Decentralised Device...that's SensAct!!


Tele Haase SensAct for Industrial Monitoring & Control

TELE offers a new range of communication-capable monitoring devices with Modbus RTU interface focusing on energy applications and monitoring of key electric values in industrial plants. The modules reliably measure current / voltage / power / energy and various other electrical values in single- or three-phase networks.   

Upon request from a Modbus master device SensAct delivers process values and internally calculated quality data. In doing so, SensAct always serves a s slave digital sensor to a master unit like PLC, HMI, SCADA package or an IOT router.  

SensAct provides all functionalities of an automation unit in a small, ultra-compact and decentralized device. Process values are measured safely, directly and digitized for further use in cloud applications.  

Thanks to efficient software data transfer cycle times also local applications, such as limit switches or alarm monitoring, run without latency 


SENS-Module Benefits


sensact tele haase modules

SENS series modules measure electrical values in single or three-phase grids.

They are equipped with an open ModBus RTU standard to communicate to a datalogger, PLC or the TELE ACT module.


Key Features

  • fully isolated, direct measurement of electrical values
  • open ModBus RTU communication
  • ultra-compact modules





  • Automatic Pump Control For Water Tanks
  • High Speed Bottle Filling Line
  • Reheating For Industrial Ovens
  • Flutter-Free Operation Of Waste Water Tanks
  • & Much More...


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