Secure Your Home Using Home Automation

A simple and cost effective way to make your home more secure is by using Home Automation products. The Energenie MiHome range can help you feel more comfortable in your home and when you are away.

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One of our previous blog posts talked about the rise in burglaries in homes across the U.K. and Ireland.

Some stats worth noting are - 

  • In 2016 there was a 4% rise in home burglaries
  • The most likely entry point for a burglar is a door - front door 27% / rear door 25%
  • Rear window accounts for 28%

With this in mind, we have some information on how using Home Automation products can make your home more secure.



MiHome Motion Sensor | Home Automation

The MiHome Motion Sensor will send an alert to your smartphone when menergenie miho032 2.jpgotion has been detected. They can be used to report movement in your home when you are not there.

The Motion Sensor can be used to activate MiHome light switches and MiHome sockets in your house, so when motion has been detected your lights will switch on.

All install and mounting information can be found in our free MiHome Install & Info eBook - Click Here 



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MiHome Open Sensor | Home Automation

The MiHome Open Sensor comes in 2 magnetic parts and can be installed on doors or windows. When a door or window is opened a push alert can be sent to your smartphone, making you aware of a possible intruder.

Also, a signal can be sent to MiHome light switch or MiHome socket.



MiHome Light Switches | Home Automation

To make your home more secure, you can use the MiHome Light Switches to control your lights from anywhere in the world via the MiHome app on your smartphone. On the energenie mihome light switch.jpgapp you can easily set timers for your lights to come on or off at set intervals during the day


  • bedroom lights on at 7am / off at 8am
  • kitchen lights on at 11am / off at 2pm
  • living room lights on at 4pm / off at 10pm).


Geofencing Function For Lighting Control

You can also control your lights via built-in geofencing. This function allows you to control your lights based on your location ( turn hall and kitchen light on as you drive away from your house / turn your porch and kitchen light on as you approach your house in the evening).

Also, you can use IFTTT (If This Then That) to control your lights based on daylight on any given day.



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MiHome Wall Sockets | Home Automation

The MiHome Wall Sockets, similar to the light switches, can be controlled via the MiHome app on your smartphone.

The sockets can be retrofitted, all installation and FAQ's can be found in our MiHome Installation & Information eBook here.

To make your home more secure, you can plug in lamps around your home and have them switch on and off at various stages during the day, to give the impression that your home is occupied, even when you are away on holidays.

The MiHome Wall Sockets come in various finishes and can be retrofitted to where you have existing sockets.



Download our FREE Energenie MiHome eBook with information on all products mentioned above, as well as installation instructions and a Frequently Asked Questions section on the Energenie MiHome range.