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Every year we see an increase in the demand for quality home security products.

In Ireland and the U.K. home burglary stats are on the rise.

  • In 2016 there was a 4% rise in home burglaries
  • 2 out of 3 burglaries are residential burglaries
  • The most likely entry point for a burglar is a door - front door 27% / rear door 25%
  • Rear window accounts for 28%
  • €27 million worth of goods stolen in Ireland in 2016


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Houses that have the appearance of looking vacant are extremley vunerable to being burgled. It is recommended using timers on lamps and light switches and even on radios, to give the appearance of the house being occupied.

Robust doors and windows, properly fitted with quality locks are a good deterrent. However, an open door or window is an open invitation to any nearby burglar.

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Home Security Checklist

The following are some steps that can be taken to reduce the chance of your home being burgled

  1. Secure all doors and windows
  2. Light up your home and use timers for lamps etc when you are out of the house
  3. Store keys safely and away from windows and letterboxes
  4. Use your alarm, even when you are in the house.


Using Home Automation To Secure Your Home

Using Home Automation products you can easily give the impression of your home being occupied even when you are not there. 

  • Timers can be set up on lamps and light switches to turn on and off at regular times
  • Open Sensors alert you when windows or doors have been opened in your home
  • Radios, TV's and appliances can be controlled remotely

All these features can be controlled via a free app that can be downloaded to your smart phone or tablet.


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