Cable for Cranes, Hoists & Elevators | LAPP

Our cable partners LAPP Group have an extensive range of cables suited for cranes and hoists, which is now available to order from Demesne Electrical.

Cables for lift, crane, elevator and hoist applications are all now available from Demesne Electrical. Some of the more popular cables for these applications can be viewed below...


LAPP Crane 2S

lapp crane 2.jpg


The LAPP Crane 2S is a PVC control cable. This cable has steel support make it a sturdy cable suitable for heavy, outdoor use.

Applications include

  • cranes & hoists
  • for connecting movable control panels and consoles
  • can be used as a self supporting shaft cable in high rack systems
  • can be used outdoors
  • up to 50 metre suspension height

The LAPP Crane 2S cable has a working voltage of 300/500 volts and a temperature range of -15 to +70 degrees Celsius



LAPP Lift F PVC Flatform Cable

lapp crane cable.jpg





Another LAPP cable suited for cranes and hoists is the Lift Flatform cable. this cable is perfect for conveyors and hoist equipment. Also, can be used as a control cable in lift and elevator applications

Some applications for this cable include

  • for cable trolley applications
  • for space saving installations
  • suitable for cable chain 
  • perfect for conveyor and hoist equipment
  • lift and elevator applications

 The LAPP Lift cable is flame retardant according to IEC 60332-1 and EN 60265-2-1


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