Fibox ARCA IP67 Corrosion Resistant Cabinets

While sheet steel electrical enclosures have their advantages and are highly prevelant in the market, they are not always the best option when the application is outdoors.


Fibox and Demesne Electrical have been partners in business for over 30 years. In that time the two companies have forged a strong relationship and have supplied quality, IP67 GRP electrical enclosures to panel builders, machine builders and OEM's all over the U.K. and Ireland.

No matter how good the paint finish on the steel enclosure, if left outside in harsh conditions such as cold and rain (typical Irish and U.K weather!) the steel enclosures will eventually start to corrode. Once the paint begins to lift, there is no real long term solution.


Corrosion Resistant Polycarbonate Enclosure

GRP Enclosures are an option but as anyone who has worked with them will confirm, they are not well suited to driling. Face masks and arm protection is recommended. This is due to glass fibres present on the surface and in the atmosphere.

Fibox have developed a range of IP67 Wall Mounting Cabintets, called ARCA Cabinets. The ARCA range are manufactured from a new injection moulded polycarbonate material. This new material is not only a match for sheet steel and GRP enclosures, but exceeds their specification. A new corrosion resistant enclosure for the electrical market.



Protection Whatever The Weather

The ARCA range starts at 300mm x 200mm right up to 1000mm x 800mm. Panel builders, machine builders and OEM's now have a viable alternative when looking for a corrosion resistant enclosure.

The ARCA Enclosures have no exposed metal parts which means it can be installed in the most remote and exposed areas and can be forgotten about.



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