Benefits of Hook & Loop Cables Ties Vs Nylon Cable Ties

Hook & Loop Cable Ties are being used more and more in the electrical and similar industries as a viable alternative to nylon/plastic cable ties.

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The use of these Cable Ties in cable management in particular is a growing industry.

They are a cost effective solution and can be re-used making them far more environmentally friendly than traditional plastic cable ties.


Some advantages of using Hook & Loop Cable Ties listed below...

  • environmentally friendly
  • re-usable for unlimited uses
  • keep unsightly and hazardous wires under control and out of harms way
  • gives cables and wires a secure hold
  • made from a soft and flexible material making them gentle on cables
  • no chance of over tightening and damaging cables, as you could with a nylon cable tie
  • weather proof
  • popular with CAT5 and fiber optic cables
  • easy to use
  • easy to store
  • easy to remove 
  • no cable tie removal tool or snips required to remove them


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